1. A Cheat’s Guide to Hosting an EPIC Wreck-It Ralph 2 Themed Party

    Wreck It Ralph Party Ideas

    Looking for Wreck It Ralph Party Idea? Check Out Wizzle Party Supplies for Some Quick and Easy Decorating and Party Planning Ideas.

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  2. Trolling the Web for the Perfect Trolls Party Supplies…

    Trolls Party Supplies from Wizzle

    First of all, please forgive the terrible, groan-inducing title of this article but I REALLY wanted to use the word ‘trolling’ (in the ‘looking for’ sense, not the ‘saying nasty things about people online’ sense) and that was the best I could come up with - now, on with the article… Dreamworks Animations’ smash hit movie, Trolls, was released way back in December last year and was such a hit with kids that it’s STILL a hugely popular kids party theme, and is looking to stay that way for a while. Trolls tells the story of a tiny troll called Poppy, voiced
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  3. How to make a Moana Birthday Cake and Moana Cupcakes in 3 simple steps with Moana Edible Images Cake Toppers

    How to Make a Moana Birthday Cake with Moana Edible Images Cake Toppers - Wizzle Party Supplies Over six months after its release in Australia (and the posting of our ‘Creating a Magnificent Moana Party!’ article), the smash hit Disney movie ‘Moana’ continues to be huge favourite birthday party theme with kids across the country, resulting in Moana party supplies being one of Wizzle’s most demanded lines. Of course, a Moana birthday cake is one of the most important ingredients of creating a perfect birthday party, s
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  4. DIY Balloon Arch



    When planning an event, decorations are key right? They create the vibe & tie your theme together, a party needs that one big piece that makes your guest's go "wow" in amazement. Especially when you can't tell them "yep, I made that!" Most people are frightened by how difficult the Balloon arches are to construct, however I promise you the hardest part is just blowing up all those balloons, (insider secret: invest in a balloon pump). I recently had my best friends hens party & decided a balloon arch is the perfect feature piece, our location being close to the beach meant we already had an amazing backdrop so a simpler stateme
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  5. Shop this look - Create this Super-Cool Rainbow Party with Wizzle's Rainbow Party Supplies

    Wizzle - Rainbow Party Supplies

    If you’re looking for inspiration for a Rainbow themed party, look no further – here’s a super-simple way to create a stunning rainbow party the same as the image above, without blowing your budget, with Wizzle’s Rainbow party supplies … Super-Simple Rainbow Party Supplies 1/ WHITE TABLECOVER
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  6. Simple and Cost effective decorations for an awesome Origin party with our State of Origin Party Supplies!

    State of Origin Party Supplies


    ***Click here if you want to go straight to our State of Origin party supplies shopping page***

    Mate against Mate, State against State. State of Origin time is almost here again, providing an excellent opportunity to get
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  7. The Top Ten Fun Birthday Wishes For Kids

    The Top Ten Fun Birthday Wishes For Kids

    Showing kids they’re extra special on their birthday matters. The best way to do this is with an epic party, filled with family and friends. But there is one way to make it just a little better—an awesome happy birthday message
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  8. Looking for Beauty and the Beast Party Supplies? Here’s Wizzle’s Top 10!

    Wizzle - Top 10 Beauty and the Beast Party Supplies Beauty and the Beast is a hugely popular French fairy tale that is literally hundreds of years old and has been re-told many time, in many formats. The most recent version is another wonderful film by Disney studios and tells the story of Belle, a beautiful, independent young woman who’s made prisoner by a ‘beast’ in his castle. Initially Belle fears the beast, but once she makes friends with the enchanted staff of the castle she learns to look past the beast's exterior to see his kind heart. Disney films are a guaranteed hit with the kids, which result in a big demand for pa
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  9. “Holy Birthday Parties, Batman…where can I find the Top 10 Lego Batman Birthday Party Supplies?”

    Wizzle Party Supplies - Lego Batman Banner Image Following closely on the heels of the global smash hit ‘Lego Movie’ comes the (somewhat obviously titled) ‘Lego Batman Movie’, a computer-animated film based on the famous DC Comic character. As everyone knows, Batman is Gotham City’s number one crime fighter, but in his most recent mission to stop his arch enemy, the Joker, from destroying his city, he manages to hurt his feelings, meaning the Joker wants to get the ultimate revenge on him, with action and plenty of laughs following soon after. The huge success of the first lego movie and the rave reviews of this one
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  10. Looking for the Best Paw Patrol Party Supplies? Chase is on the Case!

    PAW Patrol Party Supplies - Wizzle Party Supplies PAW Patrol is the hit kids’ TV series about a boy called Ryder and a pack of rescue dogs known as ‘The PAW Patrol’. Each dog in The PAW Patrol has their own awesome skills, carries a special ‘Pup-Pack’ that contains particular tools to assist them in their missions, and live in amazing dog-houses that can transform into various vehicles when required. The global success of the PAW Patrol TV show has been quite staggering and, as with all successful kids’ TV shows, has resulted in huge demand for PAW Patrol themed parties…meaning PAW Patro
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